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Who We Are

Pronounced Thir-teen Boh-ns 

We are a family band of three: Evan, Jenna, and Ellie. Our music is a culmination of rock, pop-punk, alt hip-hop, and folk influences. 

Our name signifies our mission as a band. '13' is considered an unlucky number, which some may judge and dismiss immediately without giving a second thought. Similarly, many people walk around feeling like an outcast because of pre-decided judgments made against them. The word 'bones' symbolizes the spiritual aspect of music that resonates beyond skin deep. We believe that no matter what we look like or whom we love, music connects us all. Our goal is to reach and unite people from different walks of life while pushing the limits of our creativity. 

We promise to always challenge societal norms and those in authority.

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Who Are We
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